An Open Letter to Minister Phil Hogan

Note: This cartoon was written and drawn in May 2012 in the lead up to the introduction of new Building Control Regulations. The cartoon was circulated widely and publish in various media. The Regulations ended up coming into effect in March 2014 with some minor changes. However the overall onerous liability on the architect did not change unfortunately.

May 2012
Under the new Draft Building Control Regulations, the Department of the Environment are proposing that the Architect (or another building professional such as an Engineer) be required by law to sign a Certificate that says:

"Notwithstanding the responsibilities of other person/s or firms/s in relation to the works, I accept  responsibility and legal liability for the inspection of all works as necessary to ensure that they are neither defective nor contravene any requirements of the Second Schedule of the Building Regulations".

I'm sorry, but how can one person guarantee that an entire building like a hospital or fire station is perfectly built and free from defects? Building is much more complicated than that. There's lots of people involved, not least the Builder who is not even mentioned in the Draft Building Control Regulations:
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