Stray Lines

Over the years I've done a number of cartoon strips with my talented brother Chris Judge. Its great being able to tap the skills of an award winning artist and illustrator for free.

Our latest collaboration was a 12 page story called The Illustrator in the excellent Stray Lines anthology which  also features strips by the brilliant  Philip Barrett, Barry Hughes, Gus Hughes, and Paddy Lynch. It was a fun strip to work on: I wrote the story and drew the backgrounds with Chris adding the characters and pulling the whole thing together.

Click the following link to get a flavour of the process: Making The Illustrator.


Chris and I did this monthly cartoon strip which ran for more than three years in Totally Dublin magazine. You can read it here


The Team 
This cartoon strip had a shorter run in Mongrel, but we continued to work on it after it finished in the magazine and completed a 20 page "Issue #1". You can read the completed issue here:


Sudoku City 
This was our entry to the Observer newpaper One Page Comic Strip competition in 2007. did an exposé on the creation of the strip here:


My Own Stuff
Occasionally I give Chris a break and do my own drawings:

The Psychic
A 31 page comic book made as part of the 31 Day Drawing Challenge for the month of July 2013. I decided to make life even more difficult by turning the 31 disconnected themes (listed here) into a continuous storyline. To read the full cartoon click here.

One Pagers

Surfing Irish Style
Mars Like a Boss

In May 2012, frustrated with the proposals for new building regulations (I'm an architect when not making cartoons), I made An Open Cartoon to Minister Phil Hogan. It did the rounds and got some media coverage, which was the point of it. Hopefully it made a bit of a difference. As featured on, the Irish Times and the RIAI's own website: