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Making The Illustrator

October 2012 saw the release of Stray Lines, a comic anthology crowd sourced on and put together by Paddy Lynch.

Featuring stories from some of Ireland's top artists, it also includes a 12 page story called The Illustrator by Chris Judge and me. The pages below give a brief look at the way Chris and I put the story together over two months, by looking at the various stages of development of one page of the story. (Click on the images below for enlarged versions).

Step 1: The Story
The Illustrator started as a short story I wrote for a competition a few years ago. The first step was to go through that story and pick out parts that would work as illustrated storytelling.

Step 2: The Script
The next step was to turn those parts into a working script that both Chris and I could work from.

Step 3: Storyboards
Then a set of storyboards were done in order to get a rough idea of how to pace the tale.

Step 4: Backgrounds
Next I drew the backgrounds, scanned them and sent them to Chris as they were finished.

Step 5: Characters
Chris tidied up the pages and drew in the characters.

Step 6: Lettering
Meanwhile I did separate sheets with the lettering.

Step 7: Final Composition
All of these layers were combined into the finished art work.

Step 8: Finished
And finally, a few weeks later, the finished product.

Stray Lines is available to purchase online through Cardboard Press and will also be available in all decent Irish comic shops.

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